Meet Bear a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK

A few years ago I just bought a 2008 JK salvage title 2-dr for my daughter's HS graduation gift. Long story short, I had a short time to build it and lots of parts needed replaced. So here is Her Jeep, I call her bear and so now her jeep is also a bear! What I wanted to do was put a 6 inch lift with huge axles and lockers. Reality is I need this to be a safe daily driver, so I kept the altitude a little closer to the pavement.

Off road driving can do a number on your Jeep or 4x4 windshield. Shout out to the SunTec Windshield Replacement Pros in Phoenix they make quick work repairing and replacing windshields. Those of you in and around Phoenix, or passing through, this is your place!

Take a look at the bodywork pics. We literally cut out and replaced the entire left rear quarter panel!

Meet BEAR a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK

The Suburban

This 1983 Suburban aka Sasquatch started it all for me. My gateway to the off-road world. Living in Colorado and doing the whole camping thing, especially if you wanted to camp outside of normal campsites, a guy needs a serious 4x4 to get around. I needed something to get me to the high country, places where lesser 4x4s and cars just wouldn't cut it. The only way to find the best secluded camping spots required a beast. After some research I found the 1983 suburban to be the last year model with a manual trans. After some searching I found one, and the rest is history.

It didn't take long to get it lifted, and less time than that to start destroying the sheet metal. This thing was big, and sometimes big trucks and bigger rocks mean turning around or creating body damage. I most often opted for body damage. I didn't care, I was having a blast, my family was having a blast. And with my new hobby came a new website. was born! The 4LO.COM vanity plates made their way shortly thereafter. Good times!

My old suburban with 4LO.COM plates

My first jeep - a ZJ

In 1996 I bought my first jeep, a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ). Not the best for off-roading, but better than a car for a daily driver. In a few years, I installed a locker and a small spring spacer lift. As with most cars (and trucks) I can never leave well enough alone. In 2005 I bought a bodyshop, and in 2006 my wife bought a Jeep Commander (XK). So you might wonder what the two have to do with this story? Another long story short.

Besides being a small business owner with all the headaches, there was one benefit. I owned a bodyshop! So I cut and trimmed the wheel openings and painted it red to match the Commander. See, I tied it together! New paint deserved new tires and wheels, oh and a decent lift. I chose the Rubicon Express 3.5 inch lift to put under my already installed 2-inch lift.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ with 5 inch lift

Tim Setterfield contacted me last year and asked if he could post an article he wrote to I said sure, check it out here: The Ultimate Checklist: Everything You Need to Check Before Buying a Used 4x4.

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