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Marty's 4xSub

2/25/98 <snip from email>...

First came the brush guard with winch plate and fog lights. Then when the OEM tires were running low, I had the 4" lift and 33" tires and RS9000 shocks added. My wife bought me a Coleman electric cooler for Father's day. And she added a portable TV for the kids. Although, you can't get TV reception in the canyons and I have to stow it when we hit the trail. The winch was added this year; since I have a tendency - like you, to forge out on a trail alone. If only I could find more Subs to follow me.

The truck is very conservative in appearance. Especially since I still run on OEM rims. My wife wants me to paint the red Rancho parts black. It seems women don't like the red color, but I get a lot of comments from other guys.

Maybe someday I'll make it to Moab.

Marty C.

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