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One of those drop-off ledges. I hate these. Not because they were tough, but because the overhang on the beast is about a mile long and I usually drop my rear hitch solid on these as I drop my rear tires. My departure angle sucks. Sounds worse than it really is, or maybe I just don't care.
One more stop as the boys and their toys clear a few obstacles. Right over this hill, we'd be stopping for lunch anyway, so no biggie.
Lunch stop. Here's the middle-gunner's rig. A bad little 'Zuki! He had no problems on any obstacle. I gotta say, if it wasn't for him giving me the correct line on most tough spots I wouldn't have made it as easy as I did. Some people can be a huge help and some can't...he was one of the good ones.
Slickrock Dome. After lunch we took our turns climbing this rock face. About two-thirds of the group tried it; almost everyone made it. The grade is about an 85% incline. I didn't know for sure if I'd make it or not, so I hit it a little faster than I probably should have (just to be sure). Again this photo doesn't really show the correct angle, I spun my tires for a good portion of the climb so it's kinda steep. Of course, locked rigs made easy work of it.
Here's the other side of the Slickrock Dome. As you come over the top, you're relying on whoever is there to guide you in the right direction. All you see is sky and hood, so there's gotta be a little trust. Coming down between these trees was pretty steep, and another opportunity to drop my rear hitch on a solid object.
My son Chris took some of the pictures here, and for some reason he snapped a bunch of this Toyota. He said he "liked the paint job". Anyway, here it is. One time, while four-wheeling with my Uncle (who owned a LandCruiser like this one) I watched as he followed me onto a side hill, then all of a sudden he rolled to the bottom. Apparently these LandCruisers are a little more top heavy than the old IH Scout I was driving. That was a fun beater!
An old flat-fender Willies! I love these Jeeps. My dad had an old "Hillbillies Willies" and it would go just about anywhere. The front steering shook out of control if you drove down the highway faster than about 40 miles per hour.

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